bracing with a radius dish

staring with a 25 foot radius someone made for me on a CNC machine . I lay the same pattern out on a piece of  3/4 and 1/4 MDF. using ...

kitchen island




Custom Furniture

Custom Media

laminate work counter

Laminate Work

Custom counter with multiple laminate

adjustable spindle jig for guitar

Spindel work board

  Cut a rough shape out of 3/4 inch ply wood and mark out equal spaces for slots. Drill holes and band saw out slots and make a T ...

templates for a dreadnaught guitar

guitar brace templates

  a pre cut set of braces bought on line, cost around $40. Traced out on 1/4 inch MDF. Using a small band saw cut out all the ...

homemade guitar form

Assembly mold for a dreadnought guitar

  First I take a guitar that I like and trace an outline. Next band saw a template, sand to make a fair curve and lay out in 3/4 inch ...



Its been more than a year since I've posted anything on guitars. Im now sitting at  a Word Press conference in Lancaster . Hopefully I will return ...


Making a bridge

  Starting with a piece of black ebony I bought from Woodcraft. Cutting the shoulders on the table saw. Make a slot on the table ...


Pin template

  While the fret board is still square,the fret slots are laid out and cut. The slots are recut to a stopped depth and checked with a ...

flea market finds

Mixed bag

  Saturday flea market. Left soprano ukulele, Right neapolitan mandolin,both need some work but I'm looking forward to restoring them ...

glued in sound board
with back

Gluing Sound Board

  Body in form and glue is applied. Sound board is placed on top, centered and rubber bands used for clamping. The form is then ...


Saddle Routing Jig

 Drilled 2 5/8 inch holes centered on a piece of 6 x 12, 1/4 inch plexiglas. Very carefully! removed the waist on the table saw. Routed out ...

A simple mold i'm using to glue the top and back.

Glue Board

  Lay out on 3/4 inch ply wood. I'm  adding the neck to make sure i get the alinement nice and strait. The side is used to trace out ...

guitar makers clamp

Homemade Guitar Clamp

13/16 inch maple blanks and 1/4 inch aluminium bar Lay out 1 13/16 inch by 9 inch. Drilling mortis on drill press. Band saw jaw and lever, ...


Fan Bracing

Lay out. Roughing out softwood parts Trying to get the grain to run vertical. auxiliary fence Parts oversized with hardwood plates ...

Sound board shown with sides and neck

Sound Board

Simple glue up jig instead of clamps. A small wedge is tapped into place on a flat surface glueing the two halves together.  A template is used ...

Assembled sides with neck in place.

Assembling the Sides

Gluing the head and tail block Gluing in kerfed linings   Dry and out of the form. Trimmed with the neck in place. The first half being ...

the work board is used in many steps in guitar making.

Making a Workboard

The work board is made of 2 pieces of 3/4 inch plywood and 1/2 inch bigger than the template.The matched side is made and both cut out for the head ...

bending mahogany sides

Bending Sides

  Homemade bending iron Forms templates and some bent sides Wetting the sides bending on the iron and shaping to the template.  Clamped in the ...

making a jig for classic style tuner machines.

Practice Headstock

Drilling jig for Classical style tuners and practice

Shaping a classic guitar neck.

Shaping a Guitar Neck

 The neck blank with head block   Layout and measurement  Cutting the ramps,the plane was not used for this.  Beveling  the edge with a draw ...


Making a Neck

The head block and the tenon on the neck blank. Sometimes it takes a long time to get what seems to be simple thing, done.The next time I do this I'm ...


Soprano Ukulele

Maple back and sides. stika spruce sound board and rose wood fret board. I got the rose wood from my brother Ed, he also has some old walnut that he ...

making jigs and blanks

Making a Classical Guitar

Gluing a neck blank and making forms for a classical


30s Guitar, Neck Reset

  Resetting the neck, flattening the heal and new lower frets now I can put strings on. It may not have been played for more than 25 years, it ...


30s Parlor Guitar, New Back

1930s parlor guitar, replaced the back with one purchased from Guitarmakers  connection, the original north street factory at Martin guitar. we ...


Cigar Box Ukulele

Cigar box ukulele, my first instrument. The box is from Pennsylvania 1930s. I gave it to my nephew


Neapolitan Mandolin

I think it is early 1900s.  Repaired the body and inlay work. The butterfly was a common